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Our fragrances correspond to the perfumes of well-known world brands. They were made to smell as good as the originals, but they are not original perfumes. These are the so-called inspired fragrances. For reference - to help you identify the fragrance - next to our perfumes, next to the numbers, you will find the names of the perfume brands that inspired us.

In other words, our perfumes are inspired perfumes, i.e. equivalents of perfumes of well-known world brands. These are not original perfumes, although they are supposed to smell like the originals. Our perfume bottles have a capacity of 33ml. Fragrance oils constitute 20% of their composition, thanks to which the fragrance is long-lasting - it stays on the skin for up to 8 hours, and on fabrics for several days.

Inspired fragrance or perfume is another name for our popular perfume bottle. These are the equivalents of the original perfumes of well-known brands. We were inspired by the fragrances prepared by the best and hence the names: inspired perfumes, inspired fragrance or fragrance inspirations.

Yes, our perfumes are durable, because they contain as much as 20% of fragrance oils. These are therefore good quality eau de parfum. Such perfume makes the fragrance stay on the skin for up to 8 hours, and on fabrics for several days.

Yes, our perfume bottles have a practical atomizer/dispenser.

Our perfumes are so affordable because you don't pay for a fancy bottle, expensive marketing or a place in a prestigious shopping mall. You pay only for the fragrance enclosed in a simple glass bottle with a capacity of 33 ml.

*All photos, names of perfumes and their producers used on the store's website are registered trademarks, they were used only for information and comparison purposes


fragrance notes

What are fragrance notes? These are the different layers that make up the final fragrance. The latter is divided into three distinct elements: top notes, heart notes and base notes. Only all three together create a beautiful perfume fragrance that you love so much.


Top note

The opening note, i.e. the head, is the first impression that you feel right after spraying the perfume - if it is in an atomizer or putting it on the skin - if it is in a traditional bottle or pomade. They are mostly fresh, light substances.


Heart note

The most important thing in a fragrance is its heart. This is where most of his main chords can be found. And that is what makes his character. The heart note is noticeable only after some time and remains on the skin or hair or clothes for several hours.



Base note

The last part of the fragrance, which determines its durability and the way it lays on the skin. The base note guarantees how the perfume evolves on it and what character it has. The most popular base notes include:


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